By supporting QA team building, we will solve quality problems associated with business expansion

Are you concerned about quality issues caused by the rapid expansion of users and the product bloat in your fast growing IT services?

  • No expertise on how to set up a QA team.
  • There is a QA team, but the practice is not standardized and depends on individual skills.
  • No knowledge of how to reduce quality problems.

Human Crest has provided services to many IT companies ranging from building a QA team to developing QA processes. We also help in building a QA team and an external QA team.

We can help you make your IT service more attractive and build a QA team that is fit for business.

 Benefits of requesting an external QA team from inception to practical work

Operational level
Resource optimization

Resource optimization

Development engineers can dedicate time in development instead of manual testing

Pointed out from a third-party perspective

Pointed out from a third-party perspective

An independent test team is free from various biases and can perform flexible and accurate testing and point out mistakes

Test optimization

Test optimization

Optimize test planning and design from different perspectives

Contribution to sales from a quality perspective (awareness)

Contribution to sales from a quality perspective

Sales improvement support through quality awareness

Quality assurance through automation

Quality assurance through automation

Exclusive and continuous support from the creation of test automation mechanisms to the establishment of operations

Project level
Acceleration of development

Acceleration of development

Test phase optimization

Test phase optimization

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

Sales improvement

Sales improvement

We will implement [QA team building] according to the issues

Plan to Start Testing Early

Test cut-out

Our QA engineers participate and take the test from development and implements it

Test execution and awareness of the situation

Extract issues while proceeding with testing

Issue organization and feedback

After the test is completed, our QA consultant looks back and sorts out the issues, provides feedback to the stakeholders

Test improvement and efficiency

Perform the test while incorporating the solution to the problem

Achieve optimization

By repeating ③ and ④, we optimize the quality and achieve both development speed and quality

* This is the main flow. We will customize it according to the content of the consultation.

Early QA Consultant Participation Plan

Hearing and situation analysis

First, our QA consultant grasps the current situation

Strategy / hypothesis planning

Review the test flow when QA consultant participates and the test strategy so far

Test execution

QA consultant participates and executes tests based on a pre-established flow

Achieve optimization

Achieve both development speed and quality by conducting tests in an optimized state from the starting point

* This is the main flow. Depending on the content of the consultation with the clients, we customize the plan accordingly. If required, we formulate a test automation strategy, and ensure productivity and efficiency improvement of the testing process through various methods i.e., E2E testing, API testing etc.

Case studies

Plan to Start Testing Early - Examples

 Real estate information service provider

We have started testing tasks to improve the quality of key services, with several QA managers at the heart of this.
We utilize our HAMA lab for test design and implementation, and respond to the QA team request during peak and off season.

We responded to the issues (development process review) that became apparent in the testing practice and optimized the QCD.
In addition, we incorporated the QA team's feedback into the next development and supported the development of the real estate information site requested by the user.

At the same time, we implemented test automation.
Post-release regression testing was automated to improve testing efficiency and stability.

 AWS specialized systems Integrator

Due to the increase in orders, the QA team became ineffective and quality issues arose.
Our QA manager was responsible for multiple projects, test planning and external test management.

We utilize our HAMA lab for test design and implementation, and respond to the QA team request during peak and offseason.
Clients dedicated themselves to development, and we handled all QA activities.
Within three months, a development system was set up that leverages the strengths of both sides through a complete division of labor, and it has been running stably ever since.

 Telecommunications service provider

We are responsible for building the agile QA process and agile testing during the transition from waterfall development to agile development.
Utilizing our HAMA lab and DAD lab, we perform agile testing and test automation.

We achieved the quality required for speedy product release in four months, and have continued stable operation since then.

Early QA Consultant Participation - Examples

 IoT platform provider

Our QA consultant participated from the stage where the QA process did not yet exist.
We built the QA process and used our HAMA lab for test design and implementation.
The QA team responded to requests during peak and offseason, and optimized QCD.

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