Human Crest contributes to improving the quality of our clients' products through test planning, test design, and software testing that QA professionals provide.

Our ISTQB/JSTQB certified QA engineers provide quality criteria formation, test planning, comprehensive test design, and highly accurate software testing of our client's products from a third-party perspective.

We have knowledge and a lot of verification experience that we have built up since our founding. We are able to provide QA engineering that does not depend on individual skills.

Why Clients Choose Human Crest's QA Engineering & Software Testing

 Extensive past achievements

Since our founding, we have improved the quality of clients’ products, based on our extensive experience of approximately 7,300 verification tests.

We have achievements in a wide variety of fields that include web apps, smartphone apps, enterprise systems, embedded software, communication systems, cloud services, IoT products, games, e-commerce, etc.

We also have successful achievements in a variety of domains including finance, life and non-life insurance, manufacturing, retail, logistic, advertising, and real estate.

Extensive past achievements in a wide variety of fields

 Experienced personnel

Our experienced ISTQB/JSTQB certified engineers will ensure the quality of your software by undertaking every testing activity, from test planning to comprehensive test design and high-quality software testing.

Experienced personnel

 Employee training

We are improving our employees' skills with our in-house training system that is conducted throughout the year.
The training is designed to raise 4 core skills of employees: IT skills, QA skills, soft skills, and in-house service.

In-house training system that is designed to raise 4 core skills
Employee training
Employee training

 ISTQB® Platinum Partner

Human Crest is a certified ISTQB® Platinum Partner.

 Our Software Testing Features

Software testing is just one way of quality improvement.

Our objective is to maximize sales and profits in your business and contribute to the growth of popular IT services from a quality perspective.

We create test plans and test designs according to your objective and perform efficient and effective software testing.

 Main achievements

Web application systems
E-Commerce websites
Online payment systems
Real estate websites
Online trading
Online reservation systems
Career information websites
Auction websites
Smartphone applications
Banking apps
Online trading apps
Payment apps
E-Commerce apps
Reservation apps
Enterprise systems
Core system for banks
Core system for life and non-life insurance
Core system for securities
Core system for retail industry
Core system for manufacturing industry
Core system for telecommunications industry
Core system for the internet advertising industry
Core system for logistics industry
Network management systems
Base station systems
Embedded software
IoT devices
DSLR cameras
Image sensors
Smart watches
In-vehicle systems
Car navigation systems
Car audios
Gaming and entertainment
Social games
Music streaming
Online ticket sales

 Entire test process

Monitoring and control

 Service flow

Process Details Output
Interview on quality issues
  • Interview on target services
  • Extraction of quality issues
  • Solution proposals for quality issues
  • Quality improve­ment proposals
Test planning
  • Clarify test objectives
  • Defining the test approaches
  • Update test plans
  • Test plans
Monitoring and control
  • Extract metrics
  • Check progress
  • Control the entire process
Test analysis
  • Analyze the test object based on the test basis
  • Extract and define the test perspective
  • Test design documents
Test design
  • Test techniques
    (equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision table testing, pairwise testing, state transition testing, orthogonal array testing, etc.)
  • Test architec­ture design
  • Test detailed design
  • Test specifica­tions
Test implemen­tation
  • Create test cases
  • Create test procedures
  • Create test suites
  • Set up the test environ­ment
  • Test cases
  • Test procedures
Test execution
  • Test execution
  • Confirma­tion testing
  • Test logs
  • Incident reports
  • Test progress reports
Test completion
  • Test completion reporting
  • Test completion reports
  • Quality improve­ment proposals

 Test services

Component testing
Integration testing
System testing
Acceptance testing
Usability testing
Cross-browser testing
Cross-device testing

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